My name is Tammy.   At age 52, I became sick with Black Mold Illness or Mycotoxicosis  .   During that horrible two years time, a few good things happened.   I learned so much and found many answers to my ongoing health issues.   I had already experienced a lifelong struggle with aches and flu like symptoms.    An ongoing mystery.

My journey began when I was a child.  I grew up on a farm, played in the hay, in the corn, and handled horses and their corn based food daily.   My nights were spent aching all over with my mom rubbing my legs.   We were told that it was growing pains.  This continued throughout my life and later brought a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 1993.   

Fast forward to May 2016.   We bought a fixer upper and lived in it for 5 months before we started the remodel.   Within two weeks, my usual symptoms plus many more... worsened over time to the point it put me in bed.   I would push myself to get to church because I played for the services, then go straight back to bed.  Over and over,  this was my life.  I became so sick I literally prayed to die.  Drs were clueless, they could not help me.

When we finally began tearing into the old house, black mold was found hiding in the HVAC.   There are different kinds of mold and different kinds of expohsure.  Ours was called Stachybotrys I got it through inhalation.

But my husband was not affected..   Why? 

Some people are more susceptible to getting mold illness than others. If a group of people, even those who are related, are exposed to indoor mold chances are three out of four will not be affected while one may get mycotoxicosis. This is due to their genes, and specific gene mutations such as MTHFR and HLA. One in four people have inherited HLA-DRBQ genetics which results in their immune system not being able to produce antibodies to mycotoxins. This means that at least a quarter of the population is unequipped to fight off the mycotoxins that are so prevalent yet unsuspecting in water damaged homes across the country.

At the time, I could find no treatment for black mold illness in mainstream medicine.  I had to dig and research for myself.  Little by little I learned the only answer was detox and starving the mold.  Knowing that people are desperate for help, I ran across more scams for treatment than I can count.   All was private pay and some were asking 30k for treatment.  Therefore, I was on my own with the exception of a dear friend who was knowledgeable in holistic treatments.

This took an emotional toll on me as well, because without a diagnosis, I was dismissed in much the same way fibromyalgia victims have been dismissed in the past.   People tend to discredit things they have never heard of, or don’t understand.    I kept trying to explain in an effort to make somebody understand, but I felt that nobody would believe me.   My brain was affected and caused me to drop words.  I forgot my dogs name,  forgot how to play chords on a guitar,  I could not remember lyrics, personality changes, burning mouth, flu like symptoms, on and on.

As I struggled through that nightmare, I began to detox in every way I could learn about.  My immune system was so haywire I began having auto-immune response.  Each time I tried to detox I’d get sicker for a couple of days but then I’d improve.  This really baffled me.  I finally discovered what this was.  It is called Herxheimer Reaction.   I experienced it each time I detoxed because my body was full of bio toxins from the mold.    

I began to suspect that my health issues could have been caused by toxins all along.   Through much more research and desperately digging, I learned that a faulty gene was more than likely the culprit.   Because of this, my immune system does not deal with toxins normally.    This is why the mold did not affect my husband, his immune system fought it off. 

I knew that corn and hay grow mold.  Coffee, peanuts, and things I consumed my entire life grows mold.   Fertilizer and chemicals on the farm, I lived in it.   I realized I was no doubt toxic all along and did not know it.   Over time and little by little I was getting bio and chemical toxins in mini doses.   Enough to cause all those crazy symptoms..  I now believe fibromyalgia is a bunch of symptoms caused by being toxic.  In fact I believe toxins are responsible for many illnesses. 


In the Spring of 2018, I finally began to feel better,  but I had gained over 50 lbs from inactivity due to mold illness.    I remembered a weight loss product that I had tried a few years back and how it had made me feel bad.   When I asked why, I was told it was a detox reaction.   I shrugged it off at the time and didn’t take anymore.   After going through the mold nightmare, I knew that what I had experienced was the Herxheimer reaction.   The person who told me it was a detox thing way back then had been exactly correct. 

Through curiosity,  I decided to to check this out again to see if this would be an easier way to detox.   My answer was yes!    It is anti-fungal, another ingredient was anti-inflammatory.    I had to try it, so I placed an order for it again..    This time, because I was already detoxing, no Herxheimer reaction.   In one week, I went from ok to I can’t believe this!   My inflammation and pain has improved so much it is mind blowing.   After two weeks my weight began to go down down!   I have accidentally stumbled onto a breakthrough and I want to share it!

For the first time in two years, I am well enough to exercise and totally regain my health.    I am stoked for myself and anybody else that will listen to my story and benefit from the high price I paid through experience.   I was taking a so many supplements for detox I was spending a small fortune.   I have been able to drop most of them.

When I look back throughout my life, I am sad to know that my dad who lived and worked on the same farm where I grew up was in constant pain.   They could treat the symptoms, but they did not know the cause.   He later developed cancer that I now feel was caused by toxin exposure.    A bandaid is not the answer, pain meds are not the answer, steroids are not the answer,  detox is the answer.    It deals with the CAUSE not just the symptoms.

If you have fibromyalgia, arthritis, auto immune disease etc.   Allow me to be your personal guinea pig.  I’ve already gone through all this, so let help you cut to the chase and begin detoxing. I can share with you several ways to do it.

If you happen to experience Herxheimer reaction,  then you will know without a doubt that it’s working, and that you have toxin issues.   Press through, you will improve.   


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